4th EDITION CONECTE-C: Open Educational Resources: What are the implications for business model in education?

The fourth edition of CONECTE-C, a set of monthly meetings held by CIEB, gathered the experts Tem Amiel (NIED/Unicamp) and Priscila Gonsales (Instituto Educadigital) to discuss about the Open Education (OE), Open Educational Resources (OER) and the impact of these trends in Brazilian market. Kim Machlup (Mov Investimentos) also attended the event, making questionings about the market and the support of business models in education.

The event had greater participation of researchers and educators in this fourth edition when compared to previous events, in addition to a great group of entrepreneurs from educational area and of foundations and institutions of third industry, professionals and investors, who provided a very rich and diversified environment for discussion.

During the opening, Tel made a short history of education until the idea of Open Education and presented some lines of thought on education model, such as Open School, Unschooling, Computer-based Instruction, Resource-based Instruction and Open Education. According to him, the education can be improved if the resources are noticeable and accessible to everyone.

On the other hand, Priscila discussed specifically about Open Education Resources contextualizing the concept as part of Open Education. Furthermore, she explained OER as of its requirements: reuse, revise, remix, redistribute and retain. With regard to the discussion in Brazil, the educator stressed that the country is still outdated in the discussion about this matter. “Creating law is not enough, it is necessary to include this matter in the training of educators”, she stated.

During the debates, Kim and the attendees questioned how the entrepreneurs could be inserted into this model. According to Priscila, everything is already available on network, whether OER or not, and that does not mean that the copyright will end. “We can provide hybrid models, offer services from the expertise”, she said. Tel said that, within a pragmatic view, the public scenario and policies will change and transform the content into more accessible, regardless of more conservative thoughts.

On another issue raised by the debate on how to ensure that the open materials have quality, Tel said that many of the publishers printing OER undergo a quality certification. On the other hand, Priscila defended the empowerment of educators, youth and children to always question the quality of the contents, whether open or not.

O CONECTE-C acontece toda última terça-feira do mês, no espaço Cubo (Rua Casa do Ator, 919 - São Paulo-SP).
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