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aBoard: Uma Plataforma para Educação Inclusiva a partir de Comunicação Aumentativa e/ou Alternativa

Natália Franco, Thiago Lima, Augusto Lima, Edson Silva, Rinaldo Lima, Ticia Cavalcante, Robson Fidalgo


Speech impaired people needs Inclusive Education (IE) and specific resources for developing their potencial and learning. In this context, this article presents the aBoard Plataform, a free and cloud-based set of softwares for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) that can be adapted for IE pedagogical activities (e.g., teaching letters, numbers and routines). This plataform is evaluated in comparison to other solutions according to specific functionalities for AAC aplications as well as their adherence to the Nielsen’s Heuristics. aBoard stands out from other solutions and is configured as a suitable tool for public-inclusive education context.
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