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Blinds, Basic Education: jogo digital inclusivo para auxiliar o processo de ensino-aprendizagem das pessoas com deficiência visual

Kayo Santana, Claudia Pinto Pereira, André Fernandes, Ana Jaize de Oliveira Silva Santos, Rafael Macedo


People with visual impairment need a precise look in the educational context to contemplate and stimulate their remaining skills and senses even with their specificities. Digital games can strengthen teaching and learning in relation to traditional methods, providing knowledge through the fun and allowing the autonomy and reflection of the contents approached. Therefore, this paper has as main objective, the evaluation and acceptance of Blinds, Basic Education (BBE) a multidisciplinary digital game that resembles the traditional tic-tac-toe and is able to exercise various curricular components, logical reasoning and even the perception of space and memorization.
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