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Blinds, Education And Mathematics: Objeto De Aprendizagem Sobre As Operações Básicas Da Matemática Com O Uso Dos Recursos De Síntese E Reconhecimento De Voz

Rafael Macedo, Claudia Pinto Pereira, André Fernandes, Kayo Santana, Ana Jaize de Oliveira Silva Santos


In order to ensure dignity to people, it is essential that their rights are attended even with their different limitations and challenges. The use of new communication and information technologies (ICT) allows a great progress in relation to the inclusion of people in different spheres of society. This way, we present a new version of the BEM tool (Blinds, Education and Mathematics), it is a learning object that enables the teaching and learning of mathematical operations for people with or without visual impairment. Not only helping the socio-digital inclusion of these people, but also with their understanding of mathematics. In this release, besides the voice synthesis, for an information output, BEM presents its new interaction feature: voice recognition. In this article, results of partial tests are also presented that aimed to validate the correct functioning of the application with voice recognition.
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