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Ferramenta acessível para produção multimídia: estudo e avaliação com usuários com necessidades especiais

Lourenço de O Basso, Lucila M C Santarosa


Considering the potential of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to provide an alternative access and interaction with information for people with disabilities, this study introduces a tool labeled Oficina Multimídia, which aims at promoting the social interaction and manifestation of ideas by such individuals in processes of authorship and team work involving aural, imagetic and verbal signs. A qualitative investigation was conducted among participants with distinct needs to evaluate the extent to which the software implementation, following recommendations regarding the accessibility and availability of multimedia resources for PSNs, facilitates processes of technological appropriation and interaction among the research participants. Tests carried out with the software users validated part of the strategies adopted and pointed out to the need of considering improvements for future projects involving similar multimedia access tools.