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Jogo educativo sobre drogas para cegos: construção e avaliação

Monaliza Ribeiro Mariano, Cristiana Brasil de Almeida Rebouças, Lorita Marlena Freitag Pagliuca


Study aimed to develop and assess an educa onal game on psychoac ve drugs accessible to blind individuals, conducted in three steps: development of the educa ve game, evalua on by three special educa on experts, and assessment by twelve blind individuals. As a result, a board game called Drugs: staying clean was developed. In the Alpha version, experts made sugges ons regarding the game rules and instruc ons and the board base, including square texture, game pieces, and Braille wri ng. In Beta version, we proceeded to the assessment by the blind par cipants, who suggested changes in the square texture and the addi on of Velcro-type material to fix the counters on the board. Then, the Gamma version was played by the last pairs of blind players and was considered by them to be adequate. In the evalua on of the experts, the game was appropriate, as it allowed access to informa on on psychoac ve drugs in a ludic and playful manner.
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