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Sistema de Avaliação Didática Acessível Portátil para Pessoas com Deficiência Visual: estudo de caso com a plataforma Android

Ana Grasielle Dionísio Corrêa, Patrícia Araújo de Oliveira, Laisa Costa, Danilo Leite Damon, Roseli De Deus Lopes


The availability of mobile devices, such as tablets, to students and teachers, make M-Learning a viable option, fostering changes in how subjects consume and create content knowledge. However, the access to these features by the visually impaired is not assured. The design of applications must allow the access to all individuals (universal design). In this work, we present an educational assessment system for tablets to be used by both students with and without visual impairments. The application includes a survey in a QUIZ format, with two modes of operation: test and exam. Seven visual impaired students evaluated positively the application for educational purposes.
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