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Tecnologia 3D: Ferramenta para o ensino de Artes Visuais para pessoas com deficiência visual

Jailson Rodrigues da Silva, Girlane Florindo, Veruska Machado


This work is dedicated to the use of technologies in education with the objective of including people with visual impairment. The project aims at the production of artistic objects through 3D printer as a pedagogical resource. The qualitative and exploratory research, develops in three stages: study and production of parts; pilot project; improvement of parts. In this article, are shown the results of the first two steps. Were produced the following artistic objects: Venus of Willendorf, MonaLisa, the thinker, architectural work Cathedral of Brasília. The results of the pilot project showed that: i) the size of some parts did not allow the perception of certain details; ii) 1mix-up between layer printing lines, which were confused with by human.
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