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Tecnologias Digitais na Educação: proposta taxonômica para apoio à integração da tecnologia em sala de aula

Herik Zednik, Liane M. R. Tarouco, Luis Klering, Ana García-Valcárcel, Eder P. M. Guerra


This This paper proposes a Taxonomy of Digital Technologies in Education (DTE), whose goal is to collaborate with teachers in knowledge and integration of digital technology into the classroom. From the work The technology toolbelt for teaching of Manning y Johnson (2011) and the theory Hype-Cycle of Gartner (1955), which were based on the present study, considered four centrales categories: Authorship; Search, Storage, and Socialization; Virtual Immersiveness and Assistive Technology. All these contain specific tools that are subdivided by reason of its functions.
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