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Mobile application to support dyslexia diagnostic and reading practice

Valéria Farinazzo Martins, Thiago Lima, Paulo N. M. Sampaio, Marcelo de Paiva


The treatment of the Dyslexia Disorder requires patients to be disciplined and have a lot of reading practice so that they can reach a level of fluency and accuracy similar to people not diagnosed with this disorder. Due to cost or availability of health professionals, patients are not able, in general, to follow the treatment accordingly keeping a constant attendance. Besides, nowadays there are not many available tools to support health professionals towards dyslexia diagnosis. This paper presents an application developed for mobile devices, through which dyslexic users can practice their reading skills, turning the treatment accessible as well as helping health professionals as an auxiliary tool to diagnose their patients. This tool can be applied to support dyslexia diagnosis and to help people already diagnosed with this disorder training reading. To validate the use of this tool, the application was tested with some students of a private school in the city of São Paulo (Brazil). The results regarding usability aspects and the tool accuracy are also discussed.