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School Inclusion Using Computational Monitoring Of Reading For Students With Dyslexia

Jorge Zavaleta, Renato Cerceau, Elaine Sigette, J. R. Macário Costa, Sergio M. Serra da Cruz, Laci Mary Barbosa Manhães, Ricardo Cerceau


This article presents a computational system for automatic reading monitoring in students with dyslexia in a context of school inclusion to avoid early school leaving. Based on the pyramidal approach of Response to Intervention (RtI) and fuzzy logic the computational modeling of the system was proposed. For interventions monitoring were used specific texts for each school year. Reading performance was measured using the reading speed variable for each student and school year according to DSM-5 and modeled using a fuzzy system determining the degree of severity of the dyslexic student throughout the intervention process. For the second layer of RtI (RtI-2) for second-year students were applied the Reading tests. The tool can help specialists to deal with dyslexia in the context of school inclusion and to have an education more sensitive to the specific difficulties and learning times of each student.