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Educating the next generation of atmospheric scientists within a European Network of Excellence

E. Schuepbach, E. Uherek, A. Ladstätter-Weissenmayer, M.J. Jacob


In order to promote the next generation of atmospheric scientists, the task Training and Education (T&E) in ACCENT, the European Network of Excellence in Atmospheric Composition Change (www.accentnetwork.org) has developed and implemented an Integrated Learning Environment (ILE). For school teachers and their students, the Internet-based ‘‘Global Change Magazine’’ provides up-to-date and freely accessible scientific material in English and five other languages. Additionally, T&E has produced online teaching material for early-career scientists. These e-learning modules are now being used in University Master’s courses across Europe. T&E also organised training events for early-career scientists, combining scientific content with development in transferable skills, to focus on interdisciplinary collaboration, interaction with senior scientists, communication with stakeholders, and dissemination to the general public. Evaluation based on participant feedback evidences the effectiveness of these events, e.g., in terms of motivation to remain in the field. Methodologies and materials from T&E are being published in a Handbook on Best Practice, intended for both educators and scientists around the globe who are involved in education in the field of air quality and climate change science.
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