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A Framework for Interactive Mindfulness Meditation Using Attention-Regulation Process

Kavous Salehzadeh Niksirat, Chaklam Silpasuwanchai, Mahmoud Mohamed Hussien Ahmed, Peng Cheng, Xiangshi Ren


We are often overwhelmed by everyday stressors. Mindfulness meditation can help slow things down and bring one's attention into the present moment. Given the prevalence of smartphones, mindfulness-based mobile applications (MBMAs) have received much attention. Current MBMAs mainly use the guided meditation method which may not be always effective, e.g., users may not be able to follow the pace of instructions and they need a private environment. This paper presents a framework for interactive MBMAs which allows users to self-regulate their attention according to their abilities and conditions. The framework is described by an Attention-Regulation Process and has two components: (1) Relaxation Response and (2) Attention Restoration Theory. The framework is validated by our experiment. It also informs future development for interactive meditation and has broad implications for designing mindfulness and well-being.
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