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An Investigation of effects of communication with children course on pre-school tescher trainees’emphatic tendencies

Emel Arslan, Filiz Erbay, Aysel Çağdaş


This study is carried out with experimental design with an aim to reveal effects of Communication with children course on preschool teacher trainees’ emphatic tendencies. The sample of the study is composed of 299 senior teacher trainees- whose average age is 23.13- at Child Development Education and Kindergarten Education at Faculty of Vocational Education. In the study, “Emphatic Tendency Scale” was used as a data collection mean to determine emphatic tendencies of the trainees. For relation measurements of the data collected, t-test was conducted and the points in pre-test and post-test were compared. As a result of the analysis, it was found out that the effect of Communication with Children course on emphatic tendency levels of the trainees is significant.
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