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Efeitos de um Programa de Prevenção à Violência no Namoro

Sheila Giardini Murta, Rafael Alberto Moore, Ana Aparecida Vilela Miranda, Eudes Diógenes Alves Cangussú, Karine Brito dos Santos, Karinne Leissa Torres Bezerra, Lydia Galdino Veras


This study evaluated the effects of a dating violence prevention intervention on intentions of coping with this type of violence, difficulties in regulating emotions and endorsement of traditional male gender norms. There were 45 adolescent participants, not randomly placed in an experimental group (N = 21) and a control group (N = 24). The intervention encompassed nine sessions focused on information about dating violence, social skills, decision making, sexual and reproductive rights, and empowerment. Analyses intra and between groups had shown significant reduction in beliefs that supported emotional restriction as a masculinity characteristic in the experimental group, whereas the intentions of coping with dating violence and emotional regulation had not suffered significant changes in any of the Groups. However, qualitative evaluations had evidenced the external practice of self-control and emotional expression skills, assertiveness and empathy. New studies, mainly longitudinal, are recommended to elucidate these results.
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