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Jogos cooperativos e a promoção da cooperação na educação infantil

Marilicia Witzler Antunes Ribeiro Palmieri


This article analyzes in microgenetic level as two teachers of a Philanthropic Center of Child Education of Londrina-PR promote or inhibit cooperation among their students, from the proposal of cooperative games, having as theoretical and methodological reference the perspective of contributions sociocultural constructivist human development. The microgenetic analysis of interactive videotaped showed that teachers were oriented towards the objective of encouraging / stimulating the collective participation of children in the context of cooperative games. The proposal of cooperative games in early childhood education is valued as an essential educational resource for teachers integrate playful practices of cooperation and solidarity and generate conflict negotiation processes and the internalization of constructive values ( mutual aid, cooperation, empathy) to the child will frame new meanings on their participation in play.
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