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Re-writing Recent History: Developing a National Reconciliation Pedagogy Using a Video Game for School Age Children

Belinda MacGill, Theodor Wyeld, Faye Blanch


Australian Aboriginal people have suffered ignominy through British policies and practices since the legal conquest of their land in 1788. They have been historically and socially misrepresented on the premise of their race alone. Recent attempts at reconciliation have come some way towards a shared culture. However, the national curriculum has not been effective in promoting reconciliation as an important part of a student's education. As a pedagogical tool for advancing notions of reconciliation a game was developed. The pedagogical goal of the game is for students to experience notions of trust, empathy and collaboration - core to notions of reconciliation. Initial evaluation of the game suggests these goals are being met. The game provides a vehicle for notions of reconciliation to be broached in way school-age children can engage with the concepts at a familiar level (in a game). It promotes reflection on their own role in the reconciliation process.