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Relations of attention and meditation level with learning in engineering education

Büşra Ülker, Mehmet Barış Tabakcıoğlu, Hüseyin Çizmeci, Doruk Ayberkin


Neurons use electricity in order to communicate to each other. Due to numerous signals sent by neurons, there are oodles of electrical activity in the brain. Sensitive equipment like electroencephalogram (EEG) biosensor perceives the brainwaves emanated from neurons. Beta waves are responsible for problem solving or decision making and associated with attention. Alpha waves are associated with now and meditation. Neurosky EEG biosensor perceives the brainwaves and transforms these brainwaves into attention and meditation values. In this study, Neurosky EEG biosensor is used for measuring the attention and meditation levels of students. A program is developed in C# medium. The developed program records raw brainwave data, attention and meditation average while the students are studying. As the attention and meditation levels are high, the students learn the subjects in the course. If predetermined meditation and attention level are not caught, the developed program does not give permission to pass to another subject. Because of that the students have less meditation and attention average than the predetermined value; they get fewer grades in the exam.