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Validation of a Cyberbullying Serious Game Using Game Analytics

Antonio Calvo-Morata, Dan Cristian Rotaru, Cristina Alonso-Fernandez, Manuel Freire, Ivan Martinez-Ortiz, Baltasar Fernández-Manjón


Bullying is a serious social problem at schools, very prevalent independently of culture and country, and particularly acute for teenagers. With the irruption of always-on communications technology, the problem, now termed cyberbullying, is no longer restricted to school premises and hours. There are many different approaches to address cyberbullying, such as school buddies, educational videos, or involving police in counseling; however, awareness continues to be insufficient. We have developed Conectado, a serious game to be used in the classroom to increase awareness on bullying and cyberbullying in schools. While playing the game, students gain a first-hand immersive experience of the problem and the associated emotions, fostering awareness and empathy with victims. This paper describes Conectado and presents its validation with actual students using game analytics.