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Felpo Filva e as TICs: oportunizando práticas contextualizadas de escrita e leitura no terceiro ano do ciclo de alfabetização

Lisandra Almeida da Silva, Silvana Corbellini


This article is an experience report about a work developed from the reading of Eva Furnari's book Felpo Filva, in a third year of elementary school class of a municipal school in Porto Alegre. The work's objectives were to investigate the student's writings describing how they made their productions and how they were motivated facing the challenges and situations created from the reading and the activities experienced with several reading materials in the classroom and in the informatics laboratory. The subjects are 26 children from both genders, with ages that vary from 8 to 11 years-old, in the year of 2014. The results show evolutions regarding the writing levels and reading and literacies practices development.
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