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Joy e as Letrinhas: um Serious Game como ferramenta de auxílio no processo de alfabetização de crianças do ensino fundamental

Mateus José de Faria, Rogério Colpani


Traditional teaching methods, focused on educator, chalkboard and blackboard, increasingly give way to innovations and new technologies, such as educational electronic games. With this purpose, the present article proposes the development of a Serious Game, called “Joy e as Letrinhas”, with the purpose of assisting teachers in the process of teaching / learning the literacy of children at school. In order to better evaluate the quality of the Serious Game, it has undergone evaluations following quantitative and qualitative methods. In the quantitative stage, the children's abilities, used in the study, were measured before and after the use of the Serious Game, as well as the statistical analysis, t test, and the descriptive statistics in order to organize summarize and display the results achieved. In the qualitative stage, the pedagogical and technical usages were evaluated through pedagogues in order to have opinions about the ease of learning and use. The results obtained allow us to point out that Serious Game “Joy e as Letrinhas” contribute to the evolution of the children's abilities, providing a playful, fun learning, arousing the interest, interaction and accomplishment of the activities.
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