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O processo de alfabetização e as tecnologias digitais: uma análise sobre o software “Coelho Sabido”

Rita de Cassia De Souza Landin, Giseli De Souza Lucas, Maria Iolanda Monteiro


The development of Information and Communication Technologies (BELLONI, 2009) brought more dynamism and interaction in social relations, in the dissemination of news, information and knowledge. Consequently, the relationships between learning and teaching, their space, time and tools and student-teacher-knowledge also changed. Digital technology resources are increasingly present in schools. This study examines the use of educational software "Coelho Sabido" in the literacy process, scoring some positive and negative aspects of a particular activity. Adopt as backrests for literacy and literacy theorists Kleiman (1995), Monteiro (2010) and Soares (2012). At the end it appears that the use of digital technology resources must occur critically and not compulsory.