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SAEPS: Uma ferramenta de apoio à alfabetização do surdo

Yane W S Rodrigues, Nelson G R Silva, Everson V Silva, Diogo S Severo, A Diniz, Gilson M O Júnior, Alex Sandro Gomes, Carina Alves


Deaf Brazilians have as their primary language the Brazilian Signs Language (LIBRAS - Língua Brasileira de Sinais); nevertheless, to a better integration with hearing people, they need to learn portuguese. Since some oral understanding of the native language is necessary to learn its writing, introducing it to a deaf person becomes a harsh task. This work proposes a software to contribute to the Portuguese language learning and teaching to deaf students through games and exercises. It aims to make the learning of Portuguese language easier, faster and funnier, as well as the learning of other fundamental subjects.