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Desenvolvendo empatia e mindfulness com TICs

  1. AR Petite Theater: Augmented reality storybook for supporting children's empathy behavior

    Kyungwon Gil, Jimin Rhim, Taejin Ha, Young Yim Doh, Woontack Woo
  2. Walking in small shoes: Investigating the power of VR on empathising with children's difficulties

    Vanessa Camilleri, Matthew Montebello, Alexiei Dingli, Vince Briffa
  3. When Children Teach a Robot to Write: An Autonomous Teachable Humanoid Which Uses Simulated Handwriting

    Deanna Hood, Séverin Lemaignan, Pierre Dillenbourg
  4. Zirkus Empathico: Mobile Training of Socio-Emotional Competences for Children with Autism

    Dietmar Zoerner, Jan Schütze, Simone Kirst, Isabel Dziobek, Ulrike Lucke