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Aplicativos de tradução para Libras e a busca pela validade social da Tecnologia Assistiva

Ygor Corrêa, Maristela Compagnoni Vieira, Lucila Maria Costi Santarosa, Maria Cristina Villanova Biasuz


This paper presents HandTalk and ProDeaf apps, which are automatic translators of Portuguese into Brazilian Sign Language (Libras) and then analyzes one of them from three perspectives: the multimediatic, the multimodality and the socialization of deaf people. While the use of the app seeks an inclusive technology strategy, we attempted to identify, in narratives of deaf and hearing people, originated from a teachers’ training course about assistive technologies, discursive fragments from this perspective. The data collected showed that, although ProDeaf app presents limitations in its digital interface, using dactylology or manifesting the absence of some signs, it can promote the learning of the languages involved, aspect that gives it social, political and cultural validity.
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