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Avaliação visual da aprendizagem: uma alternativa para alunos surdos

Elifas Levi Silva, Elayne Kanashiro


This article presents a visual assessment, a bilingual proposal for deaf high school students that satisfies the linguistic and educational policy of inclusion. This assessment uses the verbal as well as the non-verbal texts, including visual elements, such as images that refer to the content studied, providing it to deaf students in their own language, the Brazilian sign language. Aspects related to profoundly deaf students, as well as children born to hearing parents, were observed and considered. The observations were registered by means of interviews recorded using video-Libras and the analysis of the data was carried out through the initial observation by the Libras’ interpreter and then by the professor. It was noted that this evaluation reduces the negative feelings reinforced by written assessments, favors autonomy and the perception of competence and belonging, helping in the motivation of the teaching and learning process.
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