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Desenvolvimento de uma solução de comunicação alternativa para dispositivos móveis para crianças com distúrbios de comunicação baseada em normas de acessibilidade

Mauro Conte


The World Wide Web - W3C Consortium committee, through the Mobile Web Best Practices – MWBP, continuously generate accessibility guidelines aimed at improving the user experience when accessing content on mobile devices. Concerning to disabled people, these recommendations also aim to reduce the impact caused by the deficiency. However, it appears that much of the existing solutions do not take into account these principles when developing solutions for this audience. This paper presents the development of a tablet solution based on the principles of the Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and takes into account the accessibility guidelines recommended by MWBP. The app is intended for Special Education, contributing to evaluate the intellectual impairment of children who have speech disorders. The methodology followed the principle of the User Centered Design, so the development, application and evaluation were carried out in conjunction with professionals of the APAE Florianópolis.
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