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Ferramenta Educacional de Tecnologia Assistiva para o Ensino e Prática da Matemática Social de Jovens e Adultos com Deficiência Intelectual

Wilson Veneziano, Maraisa Helena Borges Estevão Pereira, Lucas Thomaz, Thales Eduardo Gomes Moreira, Neuza Meller


This paper describes the various stages of building an educational tool to support the mathematics teaching applied to daily life of young people and adults with intellectual disability. The objectives are to increase the autonomy of persons with intellectual disability in daily activities when they need to use the reasoning logical-mathematical, such as grocery shopping and they use the digital clock to have the notion of time and period. The software has multimedia features designed to facilitate student interaction and also motivate him. The results of the validation process carried out in schools with students with intellectual disability showed that the software is a useful and effective teaching tool.
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