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A tool for the introduction of programming and computational thinking with motivation using Virtual Reality

Herminio Paucar CURASMA, Alberto Barbosa RAPOSO


The present work proposes the creation of a Virtual Reality tool that allows students to learn basic concepts of programming and computational thinking with the purpose that they enjoy the technology and feel motivated to learn more. The tool is a Visual Programming Language; the algorithms are formed by block-assembly, thereby solving one of the students' main problems, which are "syntax errors". In addition, the tool brings with it a set of level-ordered challenges aimed at teaching students basic principles of programming and logic (sequential programming, repetitive and conditional control structure), where at each level the student will learn the different concepts and behaviors of computational thinking. For the evaluations with the users we counted on the participation of 18 students between 12 and 15 years old coming from two public institutions of Rio de Janeiro. In these evaluations it was also considered to measure the sensation of immersion through Telepresence, Social Presence and Usability
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