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Uso de "software" como mediador na aprendizagem da leitura: estudo de caso

Aline Sberse Sengik, Carla Beatris Valentini, Jordana Wruck Timm


This article aims to reflect about the use of digital technologies in learning the initial reading, especially with children who have complaints about their school performance. In this sense, it is based mainly on authors such as Vygotsky, Soares, Kleiman, Solé, Alliende and Condemarín and Santarosa et al. The work is outlined as a Case Study conducted from the observation of a child interacting with the Curious Boy software. The analysis sought to understand if the use of this tool can contribute to the development of decoding abilities presupposed by reading. We used the discursive textual analysis in the results found, which allowed us to perceive that the use of the software helped the child in the discrimination of most letters, besides promoting greater autonomy, spontaneity and motivation.
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