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Avaliação de um programa de promoção da empatia implementado na educação infantil

Marisa Cosenza Rodrigues, Renata De Lourdes Miguel da Silva


Empathy has been linked to inhibition of aggressive behavior, the development of pro social activities and to a better psychosocial adjustment. This paper reports a research intervention with 36 children (5 and 6 years old – 16 boys and 20 girls), attending a public school of early childhood education in Juiz de Fora / MG. The intervention involved pre and post evaluation of a program promoting the development of empathic skills. It was used the Empathy Scale for Children and Adolescents of Bryant (1982), adapted. The comparative results of the stages of pre-and-post program evaluation indicated an increase in empathic skills. It defends the importance of preventive interventions in the educational context and importance of promoting the development of empathy as a protective factor for child development.
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