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The Effect of a Listening Education Course on the Listening Behaviors of Prospective Turkish Teachers

Talat Aytan


This study aims to determine the effect of a listening education course on the listening behaviors of prospective Turkish teachers. The participants of the study are 45 prospective teachers who are studying at a state university in Istanbul and taking a listening education course. The study is an experimental study in the model of "one group pre-test-post-test." The "Listening Skills Scale" course developed by Cihangir Cankaya (2012) was applied to the prospective teachers before taking the course as a pre-test and after taking it as a post-test. According to pre-test results, the "Listening Skills Scale" pre-test average of the prospective teachers was identified as 50.73. Their post-test average was 64.51. The Listening Education course has created an awareness in prospective Turkish teachers of listening types and has increased their levels of sensitivity in using body language. These prospective teachers also now showed a tendency towards avoiding the negative listening behaviors.
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