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Desenvolvendo de habilidades espaciais no Ensino Fundamental com TICs

  1. Games for Teaching Mathematics in Nigeria: What Happens to Pupils’ Engagement and Traditional Classroom Dynamics?

    Opeyemi Dele-Ajayi, Rebecca Strachan, Alison Jane Pickard, Jonathan J. Sanderson
  2. Improving the Working Memory During Early Childhood Education Through the Use of an Interactive Gesture Game-Based Learning Approach

    Tareq Alzubi, Raquel Fernández, JuliáN Flores, Montserrat Duran, José M. Cotos
  3. Reducing Mistakes in Mathematics Problem Solving through Behavioral Training with a Tablet Computer

    Youngjae Kim, Cheolil Lim, Haewook Choi, Minsoo Hahn
  4. The Effect of Programmable Tactile Displays on Spatial Learning Skills in Children and Adolescents of Different Visual Disability

    Fabrizio Leo, Elena Cocchi, Luca Brayda