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A proposal software for multidisciplinary treatment of autistic children

E. Guerra, F. Furtado


The study of treatments for children with autism and interventions through educational games have been the subject of this research with the aim of developing a technological solution that promotes a better adaptation of children with treatment and consequently, with more significant results in shorter intervals. Thus multi developed software for the treatment of autism through interventions in the form of entertainment and gaming activities, based on the axes of PEC's treatment, and ABA TEACCH. To this end the use of these technologies required a thorough study the characteristics of autistic children in order that the software customization and adaptation to occur, in order to encourage its use. To this end the use of technologies and Kinect Mobile (wp7), had great importance, being the same party responsible for enhancing the cognitive development, etiological and most importantly reduce agitation, aggression and irritability.